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Osvaldo Tommassini was a brilliant young inventor in the early 1960's. He had many ingenious inventions. For example, he invented a spark plug that used carbide to radically increase its life.

Unfortunately, Osvaldo lacked finances and he was not able to market his invention.

At that time, the furniture and woodworking machinery industry were burgeoning in Pesaro, Italy. Many of the growing furniture companies were aware of Osvaldo's reputation as an inventor and he received many requests for tooling design and manufacture. Due to ever increasing demand, Osvaldo created CMT in a small workshop in his hometown in 1964. Since then, CMT has grown to be the most modern and efficient woodworking cutting tool manufacturer in the world.

Today, CMT operates factories in Pesaro and the most important tool manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland come to CMT to market their tools to the world.

Since the 1990's, in response to competitive challenges that have arisen around the world, CMT has made the decision to invest in the most modern high tech specialized machinery to manufacture their tools. In addition, CMT has received trend setting trademarks on the COLOR ORANGE to designate its products.

The CMT philosophy of offering only the utmost in quality can be seen in every aspect of CMT operations. Most importantly, woodworkers see CMT ORANGE TOOLS and they think QUALITY.

Under the guidance of CMT's founder, Osvaldo Tommassini and through the progressive leadership of todays President, Marcello Tommassini, CMT continues to evolve and improve in all aspects of their operations. It is the stated goal of the company continually to invest and offer the best.

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